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Yeliz Parlatıcı Gerdan who introduced the hair transplantation to Turkey 24 years ago set up Sky Hair Transplant Center for absolute patient satisfaction and providig highest-quality, patient-centered care and cost-effective services to them. Sky Hair that is identified with Yeliz Parlatıcı made its mark in Turkey by ‘’% 100 guaranteed natutal hair transplantation’’ and ‘’milimetric- directional hair transplantation’’ Today it is an international clinic which provides health care and services for the stranger patients who come from 47 different countries every year. Germany, Holland, the USA, French, Russia , Saudi Arabia , Qatar, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates , India are the some of the countries where Sky Hair carries on the businesses.

In our clinic hair transplantation surgeries are performed by the doctors with allied health assistants who have had success in hair transplantation.

The operations are performed meticulously in a steril environment. The all medical equipments are produced specially for hair transplantation and and completely sterilized.

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Hair transplantation is an operation that takes 6 to 8 hours under local anesthesia. In the first stage the follicular units are collected by the doctors. Then a channel is opened in order to transplant the units that were collected. In the last stage each units are transplanted individually. There is no ache or pain during the operation because of the effect of local anesthesia. To Provide that the prescribed drugs are used by the patient, there will not be any pain after the operation either.

There is no specifically suggested season for hair transplantation. The operation may be performed any time during the 12 months of the year. Hair transplantation performed in summer is by no means an obstacle for enjoying the sea. The hair grows faster in summer and skin regeneration is observed to be more rapid. In an operation performed by an expert doctor and an experienced team, no thinning will be observed on the areas where the follicles are taken from. The transplanted hair will last for a lifetime, it will never be lost. sky hair guarantees that the results of the transplantation will be natural. Grafts will vary between 3500 and 5000 in number, which means 7500-8000 follicles, depending on the donor area of the patient. Please keep in mind that the graft number is different from the number of the follicles. Some employees of hair transplant firms say that they can transplant 7000-8000 grafts . but it is impossible to transpalant folicles over than 5000 .in one session. even if it is possible the results never will be successful .There will be a thin layer of scabbing in few days following the operation, which will fall off like dandruff and be cleared away each time you wash your hair. It will totally disappear by the 10th day. The patient may continue his work and his daily life but must wear a hat. The hair will start to grow in the three months following the operation. The desired result will be discerned only after 6 months to 1 year have passed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Causes of the hair loss;

The hair loss is very common event that affects almost men. Genetic factors affect more often men than women. Alopecia is one of the foremost causes. There is a strong correlation between female hair loss and hormonal diseases. The other resons of hair loss include ; alergies, side-effects of some medicines, vitamin A and stress.

Chemical burn or physical injury hair loss

Physical or a chemical trauma causes the inflammation of hair follicles. After That the inflammation destroys the hair follicles and causes hair loss. There are also another diseases which destroys the hair follicles. These are: Epidermal tumors ( skin cancer ), granulomas, systemic lupus erythematosus , scleroderma, follicular lichen planus, folliculitis an the other serious bacterial an fungal skin diseases. Hair transplantation can be performed also in these people who have chemical burn or fungal infection hair loss. But first of all the people who have theese diseases should be treated by a professional dermatologist. After this treatment if their hair does not grow up yet , they can have transplantation. After the hair transplantation , their transplanted hair grows up and never falls out.

Telogen Efflivium:
it is a type of hairloss which appears as a diffuse based on instability of hair follicles’ amount or increment of hair follicles’ quantity during telogen phase . teleogen efflivium is caused by stress overload or sudden shock. It appears more in women. The reasons telogen efflivium is more common in women than men are that giving birth, premenopausa, taking ‘birth controll ‘ pills ( or to stop them ), emotional changes and diet or taking diet pills. These events reduce the resting duration of hair follicless and the result is hair loss.

Anagen Efflivium:
It occurs due to using chemicals which damage to hair roots ( like chemotherapy drugs ). These types of drugs cause toxic effects on hair follicles. 6 months after ending of medication the hair starts to grow again.

Alopecia Areata:
This is a type of hair loss which causes coin-sized circular patches of baldness on the scalp. It may affect hair,beard, eyebrows, eyelashes and the other hair follicles of body. Alopecia areata can be chronic and it is impossible to know the course of it. These characteristics of alopecia areata can decrease the life quality of patient . Some researchers belive that it happens by heredity, stress, cellular or humoral immunity, endocrine , contagious or neural factors. But How or why alopecia areata happens is not clear still today.

The reasons of hair loss in men

Androgenetic Alopecia (Male Pattern Hair Loss ) This kind of hair loss occurs because of an inherited sensivity to the effects of androgens on hair.It occurs more white race rather than other races. In male pattern hair loss, hair on the of head and on th hair line became thinner. As time goes by hair lines changes.there is left hair only on the front of the head. And there occurs a hairless area on the top of the head. Then hairless parts became closer and the top of the head become completely hairless. At last , there is left a hair line on the sides and back of the head. Male pattern hair loss is an undesired and a stressful experience for men. Genetic Structure Male pattern hair loss is hereditary and arouse concern for men. If you have this kind of hereditary ,you don’t have an chance to proserve your hair long term. Male pattern hair loss is a situation which is apart from natural hair structure.