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Cost of Hair Transplantation in Istanbul Turkey

If you’ve been thinking about a hair transplant for a while, you’ve probably seen the numbers. In UK or in the United States, hair transplant surgery can cost upwards of £15000. The cost of the transplant will vary based on how much hair is going to be transplanted, and an average cost for the procedure is €4000 to €15000. The average hair transplant in Turkey, on the other hand, costs an average of €1600 to €3000.

Most Natural Results in Hair Transplantation

Our company is one of the first hair transplantation companies of Turkey. We work with a team whose members have an experience of 24 years. We have carried out more than 25.000 successful operations as of today. Colour and thickness of your hair and even the colour of your skin requires a different technique in hair transplantation. The right method for the transplantation can be decided by an experienced team. This experience is the only fact which changes your look after your hair is grown back. The right hair line can also be formed only by an experienced team.

The hair line should be considered depending on the hair type before hair loss, gathered graft count and initially on the best guess to be made about the hair style which fits you the most. When all those facts are considered, the transplantations will make the results unnoticeably natural when your hair grows back. Our team shows the highest sensitivity for a natural look. Our team is one of the first hair transplantation teams in Turkey and it has been working with the same crew since 24 years ago. Most of the companies mention an experience of 10-15 years but what actually matters is the experience of the members of your team.


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