Besides hair transplantation, especially for men, there can be patients who also want beard and moustache transplantation, which is not so difficult, because in these operations, only 1 or 2 hairs need to be tranplanted in just one session. Beard and moustache transplantation is very important for men, if they like to leave their beard and moustache, but when it comes to transplanting, they must be able to spare some time for this. When doing beard or moustache transplantation, first a tangential incision has to be done, which is just a surface cut, so that the hairs will be in the same height.

One of the best parts about beard and moustache transplantation, is that the patient is able to see the results very fast and the resuts are of very high quality. Especially if the patient is having Sky Hair to do their transplant, they can get the best result possible. The hair follicles for the beard and moustache transplantation is collected from the scalp, in other words the head, because the hair growing in the head, is the most similar to the hair of the beard or moustache. It is important where you collect the hair follicles.

The hair must look similar and the hair must be balanced. The truth is that it is difficult to find the body hair that is similar to the beard and moustache. One of the characteristics of the beard and moustache is that the hair always grows separatley, therefore the hair follicles need to be placed, so that the hair which will grow back, will do exactly the same thing. The other issue is that the hair of beard and moustache grow separately, but the hair in your head, actually grow in groups of strands of 2s or 3s.

Therefore for hair transplant, the classic technique of stripping the hair follicles from the back of the head using the Fut method is possible. After the follicles are collected, the follicles are divided one by one under the micrscope, so that the hair strands are grouped into 2s and 3s. Afterwards the follicles are placed into the slits that are about 0.7-0.8mm in the scalp. It is very important that everything is done in a steril enviroment. Whichever transplant method is used, it is important for the donor area to be clean. If every step is done correctly, then the patient will be able to have a very natural look.

For men, it is important that their beard, moustache and hair look natural. It is not always the looks that are important, but physical looks can change many aspects, therefore when beard and moustache transplantations are done, it is important that the processes are done correctly and accurately. When the process is done, the donor area will have a linear scar, although it will not be visible, as it will be covered by hair. Beard and moustache transplant is one of the easiest, but one that takes alittle more time then hair transplant, because the hairs must be planted in one by one.

For any kind of hair transplant, the best is to follow the Fue methods, because many patients are not satisfied with the Fut method. Therefore, even for the beard and moustache transplantation, it is best to use the Fue methods, which in most of the new techniques that the Sky Hair is developing are taken out from the Fue method. Just a couple of new touches and the new technique is born, but for this to happen, days and days of research and experimenting has to be done.

Beard and moustache, being the most important hairs for men, men will always want to have stable and strong hair for their beard and moustache. Therefore when any men wants to get beard and moustache transplantation, after they call the hair transplantation clinic, like Sky Hair, they can get exact information of what is needed and what is going to happen. Beard and moustache transplantation is not a transplantation that is always wanted, but it can be asked. It is important for men, that after the transplantation operation that they look after their beard and moustache, as it is an area that starts to itch.

If any men want to get beard and moustache transplantation, the best clinic to go to, is the Sky Hair, where they will give %100 natural look and by using the Fue methods, no pain will be felt either during the operation or after. When they go outside, no one will notice that an operation was done. Everything will look just normal, but very important that treatments must be done to the beard and moustache after the operation, so that the hairs can grow back strongly and nicely. Go ahead and call Sky Hair and get information for how beard and moustache transplantation is done.

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