Another hair transplant method that is used by Sky Hair, but also introduced by Sky Hair, is called Cold Graft hair tranplantation. You can wonder what this transplantation is even if you know what grafts are. Cold graft hair transplantation simply means, grafts left in the cold for a while, before the transplantation procedure starts. This is actually one of the best ways to do hair transplantation, because keeping the grafts in the cold, makes the process more successful. First the patient goes to the clinic to meet and consult the doctor. They have to show which area on their body, they want the transplantation to be done.

Afterwards when the patient agrees on all the terms and is ready to get prepared for the hair transplantation operation, some grafts are collected from the back of the head of the patient. That is called the donor area. For hair transplantation, you do not need any other person to be your donor. After the grafts are collected from the donor area, they are placed into a petri dish, which consists of a special solution. The petri dish, together with the solution and the grafts are then kept in a cold area for a while. This is the important part, because the cold area makes the whole process more successful.

In the cold, the quality of the hair follicles; grafts and the tissues increase in a very high percentage. This is one of the Fue methods, therefore you can get this hair tranplantation done without any question if you need to have to do so. As the petri dish with the grafts wait in the cold, the patient gets ready to be operated. No shaving in the head has to be done, but only small channels will be slit open in the scalp, so that the grafts can be placed in. Grafts will be there, so that the present hairs will grow better and also new hairs will grow.

If you want to get Cold Graft hair transplantation, you will have an excellent result at the end and you will be happy with how you look. No one will notice that you have had an hair transplantation. That is why hundreds of people actually come to Sky Hair, because all the process done is very professional and you can get the results that you want. Talking of why graft qualities increase in the cold, is because the more heat there is, the more the grafts wear out. It is always the best to keep them in the cold, so that they can last for as long as it needs.

It of course does not mean, that you have to get cold graft hair transplantation, but you can get the results that you want and you will not have any problems with your hair, concerning either hairloss or your hair falling. After one transplantation being done, you will not have to have any others. This is one of the best ways of hair transplantation that Sky Hair came up with. Sky Hair goes through different researches every day to find out if there are any other methods, besides the ones in hand. Cold Graft hair transplantation does not freeze you or you do not feel the cold when you are getting operated.

Many young men prefer to have cold graf hair transplantation, so that they can receive the result that they want to. Hair transplantation was not easy in the past, but now with all the methods that Sky Hair is coming up with, hair transplant is getting much easier every day. The Cold Graft Fue is another method that was brought up by Sky Hair as mentioned at the beginning. There are many different issues and criterias that have to be sorted and taken care of as different methods are being born. No clinic, not even Sky Hair can just say, “This is better than the other” just by coming up with a new transplantation method.

The reason why Cold Graft Fue is preferred is because; 1) the hair follicles last longer before the operation, 2) the patient gets exactly the result they want to get, 3) you don’t need to go through any pain, 4) the wound heals up and new hair grows ten times faster, 5) you will not need to worry about your hair any longer. Of course these are not the only reasons why cold graft Fue hair transplantation method is preferred, but these are some of the main reasons. Any patient can call Sky Hair to get more information about the transplanting methods and how long it takes and other questions can be answered concerning hair transplanting. If you wish to have a hair transplant, whether you are a man or a woman, you can ask the clinic and try the Cold Graft Fue.

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