When you want to get hair transplantation, there are some issues that must be thought very carefully. The process of hair transplantation may not be so difficult, but making up your mind to have the operation, may not be as easy as you think. This process before the operation, is called consultation and analysis. There are questions that you need to ask yourself and there will be tests and analysis that you will have to go through, so that you don’t give the wrong decision as a patient. Being a patient is not easy, because the final decision is made by you, not by the doctor or expert, unless it is something that definitely has to be done.

The first issue that you must be careful, if you are planning to get an hair transplantation or if you have already decided to have an operation, is that you must quit drinking any kind of alcohol 15 days before the operation. This is very important, because alcohol will actually weaken your body’s durability, which will make it difficult for you and even impossible for you to have an operation. When you get a hair transplant using the Fue method, local anesthesia is used, but the alcohol that you take, will remove all the affects of the local anesthesia.

This will mean that there will be a battle inside your body between the local anesthesia and alcohol and it may cause problems. If you are taking any medication of any sort for thinning your blood, such as apirin or anything alike, you must stop taking the pills 1 week before your operation, as these pills will make the operation difficult to conduct. Slits of channels have to be opened into the area that the hair follicles will be placed into, but if your blood is too thin, you may bleed every time you have a slit opened. This will make everything much difficult.

If you are a person who is smoking, you must either quit or reduce the amount that you smoke about minimum 3 days before the operation. Some people do ask, what does smoking have to do with hair transplant. You can get exact information when you call Sky Hair, but the solvents in the smoke crash into each other with the solutions and also the local anesthesia used for the operation. Therefore it is very important that not any kind of solvent must be taken by the patient. Hair transplant may seem to be a very easy operation, because it actually is, but there are issues that must be taken care of beforehand.

Another issue that has to be taken care of is before and after the operation, do your best to wear comfortable clothing. People may not feel what you feel before and after your operation, but you must be very careful to take care of your head or whichever area you get hair transplanted into. It is best to wear something that you won’t have to put your head through, if you have a hair transplant. This will continue for about 6 months, while you and your head gets used to the normal life again. It is not that difficult, but as a patient, you must be very careful.

Some people cannot sleep before the operation, because they feel anxious and excited. Obviously to have some hair put back in would make anyone feel happy, but the patient must get at least 8 hours of sleep before the operation, because the patient has to be awake for the whole of the operation. If the patient is not awake or is day dreaming, it will make the life of the expert difficult. If you have decided to get an operation, it is always very important to talk to your doctor about everything about yourself. Why you decided to have hair transplant, what you have done in the past, if you have had any health problems, etc.

After all this consultation is done, the expert or the doctor goes through some analysis of your head, your hair type, your hair structure, hair colour, the tickness of your hair, the length of your hair, the follicular density of the donor area, how much hair loss you have and of course the expectations of the patient. There are many issues to take into consideration, because it is the kind of operation that you may think is easy, but is not so easy when you get into it. With all these informations, the doctor also calculates the amount of grafts needed inorder to conduct the hair transplant.

It definitely may seem like a very easy operation, because it is, as long as the Fue method is used, but there are many things that have to be dealth with beforehand, so that no problems will come up as the operation is going on.

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