Aging of the skin shall emerge as wrinkles as a result of the mimics at the forehead area, whilst the appearance at middle and lower sections of the face will be more of a loss of fullness, sagging and bagginess. The treatment will differ according to the symptoms of aging on the face. For example, whilst botox gives satisfactory results for the wrinkles around forehead and eyes, the technique called endolifting, which is an endoscoping face lifting procedure, is used for the sagging of tissues due to gravitational forces around the middle and lower sections of the face.

The purpose of this procedure is to stretch and stitch the sagged skin, to where they are supposed to be, through very small punctures without surgical incision. Thus, the recovery period will be much faster in compare to conventional face lifting operations and there will be no traces of surgical incisions.

This technique gives very satisfactory results for the correction of moderate drooping of skin due to aging and gravitational forces especially on the middle aged patient group; and achieving distinct contours and fullness on the younger patients. If the skin has lost its elasticity considerably or sagging is too excessive, then conventional face lifting operation is required.

Endolifting is effective for the lifting of temples, cheeks, around the chin and neck areas. Local anesthesia or sedation may be appropriate. While it differs according to the area to be processed, it generally takes around 30 minutes. It is an outpatient procedure. The patient may go back to regular routine after a couple of days.

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