The most important part of face for women is their eyebrows. Women need eyebrows for their facial beauty and to be able to look like a women. Many things are to do with eyebrows, because they are not only pieces of hair on top of the eyes. Eyebrows also help people to express themselves better, either in terms of what they are trying to say or in terms of feelings. Especially for women, these criterias are all very important. Without eyebrows, it is as worse as being bald for any women. Eyebrow tranplantation can be done to both men and women.

What the patient needs to do first is to call Sky Hair, which is the best hair transplantation clinic. The patient needs to get a reservation. When the patient goes to Sky Hair, first they must explain that they want an eyebrow transplantation. After that the process can start for the eyebrow transplantation. Different from hair transplant, first the shape of the new eyebrow must be predicted by the doctor. The eyebrow must always fit with the face of the patient. The hair of the eyebrows are taken from the area between the ears. It is very important that the patient’s thoughts are also taken into consideration.

After all this is done, the hair follicles are carefully planted into the designed area for the eyebrows. Eyebrow tranplantation is more difficult than hair transplant, because the expert must be very careful of where he or she transplants the hair. Eyebrow is not like the hair, as there is a very limited amount of space. Therefore if the hair is transplanted into the wrong place, the result will of course not be satisfactory. Eyebrow transplantation, even though it takes a short amount of time, it needs a lot of attention. Both the doctor and the patient must be very careful.

The transplantation can be corrected, if the patient does not like how it looks, but because correcting takes a long time, it is the best for the eyebrow transplant to be done carefully at the very beginning in how the patient wants their eyebrow to look like. The eyebrow transplantation takes a much shorter time then hair transplantation, as it only takes about 1-2 hours, not even one full day. Therefore whichever patient wants to have eyebrow transplantation, has to only spare a couple of hours for this process, not much longer. Eyebrow transplantation is done exactly how the hair transplantation is done.

Same kinds of slits are cut into the area of the eyebrow, although this must be done very carefully as the area is limited. The area is not as expanded as the head. After the slits are opened, which are small channels, the hair follicles can be carefully placed in. The hair follicles or in other words, the hair cells are put in so that new hair can come out, but more firm and the existing hair cells will become stronger. After the transplantation is done, some solution is put under the skin, so that no pain or any kind of problem comes up after the operation.

Medication will of course be given, so that the patient will feel no pain or ache afterwards. In terms of eyebrow transplantation, some itches may be felt, but this can also be stopped by the medication taken. For the fact that the eyebrow transplantation is done with the Fue methods, everything will seem very natural after the operation, because that is one of the reasons why Fue methods are preferred for any kind of hair transplantation. After the operation, everything looks too natural, that no one can notice that they had a hair transplantation. They may face comments like “your hair looks much firm these days” or “you look beautiful”.

These are because the people looking at the patient from the outside will not notice that they had an operation, but they will of course notice that there is a different and a much better look. Sky Hair does excellent jobs with hair transplantation. Every day of the Sky Hair’s life is to do mostly with searching of what other techniques can be taken from the Fue method. The Fue method makes everything much easier whether it is an eyebrow transplantation or some different hair transplantation. There could be different reasons why people want eyebrow transplantation or just because they want to have a new eyebrow.

The reason can be as simple and maybe meaningless as this, but of course there is a lot of meaning to the person. If you want to get a new shape of eye brows or if you want to change something about your eyebrows, just get in touch with Sky Hair and they will be more than happy to help you out and consult in how you can get your new eyebrow.

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