Eyes are one of the most important of our organs, that gives the most prominent meaning to our faces and first point of contact with others. The skin of our eyelids are extremely thin, therefore they are affected early from the undesired affects of aging. These affects appear as excess skin on upper eyelids, and as drooping on the lower eyelids. This problem, which will cause our face to look tired, sad and older, may go to extreme conditions that may affect our vision.

While treating the upper lid problems, the condition of eyelids also should be taken into consideration. If eyelids are sagged, removal of excess skin from the upper eyelids may not be sufficient to obtain the desired results. Therefore, the operation should be extended to the eyelids as well. Whilst the procedure for the upper eyelid is to remove the excess skin, lower eyelids will require a more complex approach. It may be required to tighten the loosen muscle tissue and/or to remove herniated fat tissue.

During eyelid operations, the cuts follow the natural contours of the face. The traces of the cuts, which will be at the fold of upper eyelid and just below the eyelash line of the lower eyelid, will be invisible in a short period of time as the skin is extremely thin thus the color of the cut shall take the original skin color quickly. The procedure generally takes around 45 minutes for the upper eyelids. The duration for the lower eyelids may differ according to the multitude of the tasks to be completed. Intaking blood diluting medication and substances like aspirin, omega3 (fish oil), Vitamin E, Aloe Vera, should be ceased, starting from 10 days prior to the operation until 1 week after the procedure is completed. Smoking also should be avoided. Alcohol consumption must be stopped 2 days prior to the operation as alcohol may interact with anesthetics.

It is recommended to apply ice compress, as it will be explained after the operation. First 3 days, there may be some swelling and bruises. These will start fading rapidly after the third day. Some the stiches will be removed on the third and some will be removed on the seventh day. The patient may go back to regular routine after 1 week.

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