The aging of skin appear as wrinkles due to mimics around the forehead area, and as loss of fullness, sagging and bagging around the middle and lower sections of the face. The loss of fullness in the middle face develops a skeletal look due to dissolution of fat tissue particularly on lower eyelids and cheekbone area.

In such cases, fat is extracted from a different part of the body such as abdomen, waist, or hips. The technique requires the fat tissue to be extracted under low pressure, medically processed, and injected on the face where required through a tiny needle, without the tissue losing its vivacity. In this way, both loss of fullness and the tiny wrinkles are remedied. This procedure can be applied on cheekbones, dissolving middle face, tip of the chin, eyebrows, temples, and the area extending from the base of the nose towards the side of the lips. The procedure is performed in operating theatre under general anesthesia and takes around 45 minutes. The patient may go back to regular routine within a couple of days.

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