In hair transplantation, the Fue method is the most commonly used hair transplantation methods, because of many of the advantages that it has. The Fue hair transplantation is done with taking hair follicles from the back of the head and placing them into the area that needs hair rebuilding. Hair follicles are actually hair cells, that are used to grow back hair and make new hair. The area from where the hair follicles are taken from are called donor areas, simply because the back of the head is donating hair follicles. It is important that the donor area is cleaned before the hair follicles are collected.

First of all, we need to know what Fue stands for and what it is. Afterwards we can go into what the Fue technique is. Fue stands for Follecular Unit Extraction. This means that follicles are taken from the back of the head. The Fue hair transplantation technique means to take hair follicles from behind the head and place is back into the area that needs to grow back hair. There are many methods for Fue hair transplantation. Fue is the main method and there are many methods that are rebirthed from Fue. When you look into Sky Hair, you will be able to see how many methods there are.

Let’s talk alittle about how the transplantation is done, after the follicles are collected from the back of the head. As the hair follicles are getting ready, slits are opened into the scalp of the patient’s head. The slits are very millimetric and can only be seen if you look very closely. Slits must not be big, as the hair follicles are very much millimetric. All of this is done with steril blades and clean environment. All the materials are renewed for every patient. After the follicles are taken and the slits are cut into the scalp, the follicles are carefully put into the scalp one at a time.

In this hair transplantation method, there are no stitches used, which means that there are no scars to be seen, which is one of the biggest advantages of having Fue hair transplantation. When we look into the advantages of Fue hair transplantation, there are many, but here we will talk about some of them. First of all, in the Fue method, the patient can get their small scars removed. For example if you had a wound in your head and if it is big enough that not only the patient, but others can see, they can get the removed with the Fue method.

Another advantage of the Fue method, is that the patient can get not only hair transplant, but also beard and moustache transplant, which is especially important for men. For the hair transplant, the back of the head is used, although for the beard and moustache, the hair in the head itself is used. Another big advantage for the Fue method, is that when you get your hair transplantation done, everything looks very natural and normal, which means that when people look at you, they will not notice one bit that you had a hair transplantation operation. This is probably very important, because some people do not want others to know.

Having no scars and seems is also important, because you don’t want to be walking around with scars in your head and thinking about them too much. Fue method will give the patient no pain either during the operation or after the operation. This is one of the biggest reasons why patients want to use the Fue method, instead of the old version Fut method. No one would want to feel any pain during the operation or after the operation. Nowadays people want to get their operation done and continue into their normal life, which is exactly what Sky Hair allows you to do.

It is a hair transplantation method that will give you no stress whatsoever. Everything will be done smoothly and you will be able to get back into your normal life the following day. All that you will need to do, is to take the medication that the doctor gives you and also wear a hat or guard your head in some way. There is no limit to how you can guard your head. You can search about the Fue method if you wish, although from all your research, you will understand that the Fue hair transplantation method is the easiest way to gain back hair.

If you do decide to have the Fue method for hair transplantation, you can divide the process into 2 sessions. This will mean that after your first transplanting session, you can put alittle time period between to get your second session. This will also mean that you will have more hair and look more natural.

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