Fut is an old hair transplantation method and not many people prefer using this method for hair transplant, but it is still well known. The method is not so commonly used any longer, because it does give pain after the operation and medication is definitely needed inorder to cure the pain. First lets about what Fut stands for how it is different from the Fue method, which is the most commonly used ones nowadays. Fut stands for Follecular Unit Transplantation, which actually means direct transplantation. This is not easily done and it takes more time, because the operation does give some ache to the patient.

When the Fut method is used, about 2-5mm in length of hair is shaved between the areas of the ears. Fut method is not very easy for the patient, therefore it may take longer than expected. After the hair is shaved, a hair band gets placed using aesthetic surgery. This is not exactly an operation, but it is done by cutting through the skin, therefore it is not so easy. When the operation is being done, the expert must be very careful concerning the tissues of the hair follicles, the hair density, the elasticity and the grafts. This is the old method of hair transplantation.

After all the processes are complete, the tissues or in other words the hair follicles are taken from the chosen area using local anesthesia. When doing this operation, it is important that the hair band used is parallel to the directions of the hair follicles that are placed. If the hair band is placed in the wrong way or direction, it will mean more loss in follicles and the amount of scars will increase. Fut hair transplantation is not used too often these days, but sometimes it can be the only method to deal with hair transplantation for some people.

It is not very pleasant and takes longer time to heal, but sometimes it is needed. It is not a method that is totally forgotten, but not preferred too much. The reason why Fue method is preferred to Fut method is because in the Fut method, the areas both where the hair follicles are taken from and placed are stitched. The only good thing, is that the stitches will not be seen. No one really likes to have stitches in their head, but when the Fut method is used, it is unfortunately necessary. Hair transplanting means that you take some hair from one place and put them into another.

Although you don’t only put the hair into another area of your head or body. The hair cells are also placed, so that new hair can grow out and on the otherhand, the other hair cells already there will also come back to life. That is why hair transplantation is difficult. When the hair follicles are taken from the back of the head, the hairy tissues are put under the microscope and then the follicular units are separated one at a time, so that they become groups of 1 strand, 2 strands and 3 strands. The hair follicles are not only placed in to the area in the head.

First they must be groups into strands and then they can be placed in to the head. Depending on how much hair transplantation has to be done to one patient and how much the patient can cope, the operation does not have to be done in only one go. The operation can be done in 2 different sessions, because normally the transplantation takes maximum 2 sessions. In all of these sessions, what happens is, first the hair line get determined according to the shape of the face. Afterwards small channels are opened up where needed in the head for the follicles to be placed in.

When all of this is done, finally the follicles are placed into the open slits made in the head and when all the operation is complete, the head is bandaged for one whole day and the next day, the bandage can be taken off. Depending on how the patient will do, the whole operation can be divided into 2. This must be done, because if the operation carries on thinking that the patient will cope and if something goes wrong, it will cause more trouble. You can call Sky Hair to get more information on the Fut method. Whether you want to get your hair transplant by Fut or the Fue method is up to you.

The patient should know that the difference between having a Fut method operation and a Fue method operation, is that Fut method will give pain and aches to the patient during and after the operation, but in the Fue method, the patient will feel no pain whatsoever either when the operation is being done or after it is finished.

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