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Your privacy on the Internet is of utmost importance to Sky Hair Transplant. This privacy statement describes Sky Hair Transplant's policy concerning the gathering and sharing of visitors' information through the SKY website. It applies to all “Sky Hair Transplant sites” – that is, all sites within the “skyhairtransplant.com” domain name.

The personal information provided in the Pc Privacy policy is used to identify or communicate with a single person. You may be asked to provide your personal information when you communicate with Sky Hair Transplant online, and in these cases Sky Hair Transplant is committed to protecting your data. You do not have to give us the personal information you want, but if you choose not to give it, we can not offer you our products or services or we can not answer your questions. At Sky Hair Transplant, we are committed to protecting your personal information and taking all necessary steps to ensure that this information is used only in accordance with your wishes. Sky Hair Transplant attaches great importance to the correct use of personal information of customers and other companies and to raise awareness of their employees.

Apart from the explicit consent of the personal data subject, just as the basis for processing personal data can be only one of the following conditions, so multiple conditions can be the basis for processing that same personal data.

Explicit Consent of Personal Data Subject One of the conditions for processing personal data is the explicit consent of the data subject. The explicit consent of the personal data subject should be given on a specific subject, based on information and free will. Should any of the following personal data processing conditions exist, personal data may be processed without the data subject's explicit consent:

Our Company keeps personal data for the time required for the purpose for which they are processed and for the minimum period stipulated in the relevant legal legislation. In this context, our Company first determines whether a period for the retention of personal data is stipulated in the relevant legislation, and if such is the case, it follows this period. If there is no legally prescribed period, personal data are stored for the period required for the purpose for which they are processed. Personal data are disposed of at the end of the specified storage periods in accordance with the periodic destruction periods or at the data subject's request and by using the prescribed disposal methods (deletion and/or destruction and/or anonymization).

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