From all the hair transplant techniques, another Fue method that was introduced by Sky Hair is called Mega Seance hair transplant. In this method, the patient’s operation is divided into minimum 2 sessions. What is the 2 sessions of hair transplantation? The operation is called the 2 sessions or mega seance hair transplantation. Let’s understand why the transplantation is called either 2 sessions or mega. The surgery is called the 2 session or the mega seance, because after the operation is conducted to the patient in the first day, the same is done in the second day.

There is no difference between the first and the second sessions, although for the mega seance hair transplant, 2 sessions are needed minimum. Everything is done the same, as it is using the Fue method. Therefore when the patient comes into the clinic and is ready to get prepared for the mega seance hair transplantation, first hair follicles are taken from the back of the head to be replaced into the area that needs transplantation. After the hair follicles or in other words, the hair cells are taken, the patient’s scalp gets prepared for the follicles to be placed.

When this happens, slits are cut into the scalp for the follicles to be put in, but no shaving has to be done. This is one of the reasons why, patients want to have their hair transplantation using the Fue methods.

Why does Mega Seance hair transplantation want 2 sessions?

The other hair transplanting methods can be completed in 1 whole session, but why does Mega Seance need 2 sessions? Well, let’s look at the reason why. Like the fact that every person is different to each other, obviously the sparse in the heads of every person is different. So, this means that if anyone has hair sparse that is not so spread, the hair transplantation can be finished in 1 session, although if the hair sparse is spread and it in more than 1 area, it will mean that the patient may need to have more than 1 session, minimum of 1 Mega Seance session.

Even if the patient decides to have Mega Seance hair transplantation, the patient does not have to have the 2 sessions right after each other. They can wait for at least 6 months, before they get into the second session. Let’s also talk about the advantages that you can see, when 2 sessions are done. First of all after your second session is complete, you will have a full result. No sparsed areas or any signs that you had a hair transplantation. You can go anywhere you want and do anything you want to do without thinking about your hair, but the only thing the patient must be very careful of is to look after their hair.

Another reason why people want to get Mega Seance hair transplantation is because after the 6 months after you have completed the whole operation, the patient will not have to have any other operations at all. Mega Seance hair transplantation is permanent just like the other hair transplantations. The patient will not have any problems at all. Some people ask, will my hair fall or will I loose my hair? The answer is, no. Mega Seance is a hair transplantation that you can do in one day or depending on how you feel, it can be broken down into 2 different sessions.

As you can see, there are actually a lot of advantages that are carried by the Mega Seance hair transplantation. As for the Sky Hair clinic, they do advise that the hair transplantation session should only be broken down into 2 for patients who really need to do so. Otherwise it is the best to do everything in one day. Using the Fue methods, it is not difficult at all and because local anesthesia is used where needed, the patients do not feel any kind of pain or ache. After the operation, the clinic or the doctor also prescribes medication, so that the patient will not feel any pain for after the surgery.

Looking at the name of the hair transplantation, it seems as though it is something very big, but it actually isn’t. The only reason why the method is called Mega Seance is because it has a minimum of 2 hair transplanting sessions. Hair transplant using the Fue methods are very easy, therefore it is always recommended that, whichever method is used to do the hair transplantation, the patient should complete everything in one day. Before going to the clinic, you can call or get in touch with Sky Hair and ask them if Mega Seance will be suitable for you or not and you can get information about the Mega Seance hair transplantation and the Fue method, which is the origin of all the new hair transplantation techniques.

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