Our ears, are not only one of our 5 senses, but also are essential organs that complete the aesthetical appearance of our face. There may several different types of deformities on our ears due the birth defects or accidents. The most common of the birth defects on the ears is the outstanding (protruding) ear. This deformity may have some social and psychological impact on the children during school years due to being ridiculed. As this may affect the children’s success and self-confidence, a corrective procedure would be suitable around the age of 5 or 6.

The procedure is performed in operating theatre. Children are administered general, adults may have general or local anesthesia. The procedure is performed through and small incision behind the ear. Cartilages are formed with stitches. Excess cartilages that distort the appearance are removed. An aesthetical angle between the head and the ear is formed. As there will be no incision in front of the ear, there is no trace of the cut. For a couple of days after the operation, there may be slight pain, which can be relieved with painkillers. The patient may go back to regular routine after a couple of days, however, it is recommended using a tennis player’s band for a couple of weeks. Ear operations are simple, easy and fast recovery operations, also contribute to step up the happiness and self-confidence of the patient.

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