Like all around the world, the most common aesthetical procedure in Turkey also is the Rhinoplasty (Aesthetic Surgery of the Nose). Nose, being located at the center point of our face has utmost importance from the aesthetical point of view. The main purpose of rhinoplasty is to improve the appearance by achieving a natural look that is in accordance with the anatomy of the face. Satisfactory results are achieved when a natural appearance is aimed. With this procedure, deviated nasal bone, bridge, and the cartilage can be corrected. The movement of the tip of the nose towards the upper lip while talking or smiling can be corrected. The distance between the lip and the nose may be altered. The tip of the nose can be raised; the width of the base of the nose and the span of nostrils can be reduced. The procedure will also ectify breathing problems if there are any.

Intaking blood diluting medication and substances like aspirin, omega3 (fish oil), Vitamin E, Aloe Vera, should be ceased, starting from 10 days prior to the operation until 1 week after the procedure is completed. Smoking also should be avoided. Alcohol consumption must be stopped 2 days prior to the operation as alcohol may interact with anesthetics.

The procedure is performed in operating theatre under general anesthesia and takes around 1.5 to 2 hours. After the operation, a silicon stype, which has a hole in the middle to allow breathing, is placed inside the nose. A splint is placed over the nose to protect it from the impacts as well as help reducing the swelling. One week after the operation, the stype and splints are removed and patient may go back to regular routine. Within a couple of weeks, the trace of the operation will not be noticed. You should not use sunglasses for 3 months. You will have your new appearance without any traces in 6 months.

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